Axis of Evil

Oh wings of hell
Cast your shadow 'cross the known world
Spread your cruel wings
The iron cross, beast of prey, It hunts
In a time of war for dominance

The air raid siren screams,
it haunts you in your dreams
The war calls out to you
Troopers storm the beach
Either die or retreat
Casualty of warLightning attack, nightly raid
Bombs rupture the ground
Air attack, pulverize
Cannons spitting deathGuns belch out fire, scorched through the earth
Run through the flames now, fall dead in the dirt
Fight fire with rage, fly through the night
Burn through the darkness, Burn the night skyAxis of evil, blood and guts
Shoot 'em down genocide
Axis of evil, crush the weak
Prepare for mission suicide5000 heavy bombers with 5 more miles to go
We exact a heavy toll
It's either them or us, we do what we must
Loyal to the end
One last mission, one last goodbye
Are you prepared to die?
Panzer attack, shot three times
We bear these scars foreverTraitorThis day we have set upon a mighty endeavor
Some will never return, they are the fallen sons
We are the chosen ones, a mighty armada
Some will never return
We battled the fearsome hunAxis of evil
Kill, kill, all mankind
Kill, kill, human life