Call it what you want

Lemme lemme lemme take a sip of this henand' (of this hen)
Why you suckas asses i could miss the dick up in (dick up in)
Niggas be so fake you could see through (you could see through)
I count skrilla gettinand' (hella) high in my igloo (in my igloo)
Gotta keep it real to the day that i die (that i die)
Call me mister saucer alfonzo crooked eyes (crooked eyes)
Game so raw you could hit this with a nine (with a nine)
Still garuantied to ganstafy your mind (your mind)
My affiliation is the m-o-b (o-b)
Seven smash artists young h-o-g (o-g)
Got the hook up on anything that you need (that you need)
Keep it by the zip to the pound to the kiand' (to the kiand')
Used to grind for days all night (all night)
Now i check my boys bob p and satelite (satelite)
Game so cold itand'll freeze (itand'll freeze)
Any nigga out here that be actinand' like a breezy (like a breezy)
Pan pan hoes for the cocoa is a no no (no no no no)
Nation wide outlaw call me han solo (han solo)
M-a-f to the i to the a (to the a)
No matter what you say iand'm a still get paid (anyway)
Canand't trick me cuz bitch iand'm too clever (too clever)
Ainand't no title to this shit so call this shit whatever (whatever)

We donand't know you can name it (whatever whatever)
Call it what you want (whatever)

Mr. baz he be crazy like loco (like iand'm loco)
You stupid bitch you canand't kick it like colo (like a colo)
She got the door i caught a plane to acupulco (aculpulco)
We world wide we donand't kick it like loco (lo loco)
We got to call me and saucer we be smokinand' (we be smokinand')
Where we live we be chillinand' west dope (west dopinand')
Ainand't that a bitch havinand' million dollar chips (chips)
High speed like the cops on chips (chips)
I love my weed and donand't let me cuz iand'm steady (cuz iand'm steady)
I got the hook up you can hit me when youand're ready (when youand're ready)
I love my fedy back gates gettinand' smash on (gettinand' smash on)
Clone phones in the ghetto they donand't last long (they donand't last long)
Gimme fifty do you think that you could pimp me
Iand'm from the town i lay it down like simpy (simpy)
Iand'm a g i used to get my roll on (roll on)
Sellinand' cream now iand'm tellinand' fools hold on (hold on)
Where the weed no more shackles on my feet (on my feet)
Iand'm from the ghetto so i still claim my street (ghoststyle)
Remember me d saucer m-p (m-p)
I know these bitches want to get on top of me (wanna freak)
But not for free (hahahaha)

(chorus)(to fade)
We donand't know you can name it (whatever whatever)
Call it what you want (whatever)

Autor: Steady Mobb'n