Captain Jim’s Drunken Dream

Well you country fools in your one horse town you can laugh at me But it’s plain as rain that you’ve never been down to the southern sea To see me now is like watching a fish on dry land I only wish you could see me down in the islands Mister, that’s my home. What a fool I was to leave the only happiness I’ve known

You see me coming, you wink your eye and call me captain jim And when I don’t do nothin’ but walk on by you say baby get a load of him

All I need is the sea and the sky and I know where I stand Instead of you hicks straight out of the sticks deciding I ain’t a man You’ll never understand

Up here I’m a whisky bum but down there I’m a king Sounds just like the angels up in heaven When they sing Welcome home, welcome home Such a sight to see Instead of some salvation army sister Singing nearer my God to thee

Now I know that yankee whisky has taken away my mind And I know that rum is the only drink suitable to mankind And I know this tree I’m under is shaped entirely wrong I need to see a gentle palm tree and I won’t wait to long I can feel that it’s coming on strong

The first cold wind of winter is flapping in my clothes Showing me the way with the direction that it blows Welcome home, welcome home

Autor: Jame Taylor