Change the world (en ingles)

I want to change the world Keep on holding on your desire You will get a shining love That you can reach alone If you go on to get your goal It´s wonder land

I felt so worried when I spent all thinking of the future of us ´Cause I know there´s nothing That I really want to know And then I met you So I could feel What you should know I´ve finally found your love

And now I´m really feeling all right¨ ´Cause the nightmare has gone This is the way to love you

I want to change the world Walk again never miss the way Don´t be afraid I´m with you And we can fly away If you can stay with me forever

Change my mind Won´t get lost if your passion´s true I´m gonna fly with you again So you can spread your wings And you will fly with me away It´s wonder land

Autor: Inu Yasha