Smile and'cause weand're watching you
dance and'cause itand's what you do
I can see your daddy, can you see your daddy, do you think heand's not ashamed?
you wear him on your sleeve, you roll him off your tongue, yet you donand't even know his name.
what is it you play? what do you have to say? do you know the power you yield?
tell them what to do, you know theyand'll follow you, your faults arenand't easily healed.
A product, a commodity, just donand't claim to be anything more.
Break it!
Hair care, skin care
never be more there
I can see them thinking, you can see them thinking,
i know theyand're not stupid, you know theyand're not stupid,
we all know it didnand't come from the heart.
Know itand's all objective, regardlessly subjective
way too destructive, never be constructive
but can you really call this art?
Can you?
would you?
could i?
would i?
not... me...

Autor: Antiba