Fast money

I got the sweetest heist, million in cash, another 3 in ice
who can i trust? cubanand'll bust plus ?good thief the night?
hereand's the plan (plan), we nab the man, bring a camcorder
grab his fam, and run the train on his granddaughter
nah chill, thatand's too ill, for real iand'd rather kill somethin
hereand's the deal, we shatter his grill, and drill fuck him
oral torture, no doubt, the shit is holocaust
in two minutes tops heand's guaranteed to cap and give up all the morsels
itand's settled, blitt up, put on your metal, foot on the pedal
we got a half hour before the plan sours like amaretto
far from the ghetto, a rebel of chance, the devil in pants
out for the fast cash, level advance
takin a chance, iand've only got one my hundred shot
tommy shotguns my judge jury and johnny cochran
Movin on the stash, first we get the cash
for the fast money, i smash a niggaz shit like a crash dummy
ask money where the safe, anybody move gettin laced
look at my face and iand'ma shoot the place
Aiyyo the plot thickens, iand'm pickin the locks in the back entrance
payin attention, not tryin to get knocked and catch a fat sentence
not to mention these kids is mafioso with lots of dough so
they got poco lock with the down to rock morocco chokehold (oh oh)
their security systemand's linear laser protection
no sweat, i brought the miniature mirrors for reflectin
inspectin the vault, for weapons assault, second of course
itand's poisonous rays, boiled and baked in epsom salt
rep in new york is the cat burgalar, the fat murderer
slippin the clip in the mac, inserterer
hurtin your pockets, droppin your stock to zero profit
holding heroes hostage and mansions for ransom like deniro mob flicks
back to the top again, hand the grand prize
the safe flies open, the shining was blinding my eyes
i cracked the code, enough ice to make you laugh at gold
passed the dough to cuban started movin for the back real slow
thatand's when i heard the sirens hopin that my ears was lyin
knew we was dyin when i saw the guard we tortured cryin
pointing at the building screamin, andquot;i can see them, kill em!andquot;
snipers was willing but couldnand't, thereand's too many civilians
still inside nowhere to hide nowhere to run
cuban said, andquot;fuck it, we die, we die busting our gunsandquot;
Chorus 2x
Aiyyo itand's time to pay, and i ainand't trying to give my shine away
letand's show these pigs how much we give a fuck about a brighter day
i cocked the eagle, cuban drew the glock it was diesel
said, andquot;see you in hell coppersandquot; and started poppin like it was legal
we need a plan, if we can make it to the van
missile launchers there with the grenade pistol i bought from uncle dan
me and my man are runnin out of ammo, i got about a handful
of black rhinoand's and two rambles strapped to my ankles
i trampled over one of the bodies, i grabbed the steel
threw the bitch over my shoulder and used her butt as a shield
i filled the clip with the little bit of bullets remaining
cuban said, andquot;move your fat ass faster motherfucker they gainingandquot;
i gave him the case, told him, andquot;go ahead save yourself
blaze a l in my memory, tell the family i gave em hellandquot;
for real, thatand's when i heard the tires screechin
peeped and it was joe the god with twenty terror squad niggaz reachin
*conversation and gunfight to fade*

Autor: Big Punisher