Guardian of Fire

There is a place where men used to live a place where the mountains reach the blue sky

Out of this town a black dragon lies time to time a ritual is done

He will guard this holy place of sinister powers and misery times looking for a lady with a clear heart

You the great warrior will have to give a virgin heart to the guardian of fire

But this time, your soul choses the light you won't sacrifice this enchantment that you feel this wonderful maiden took your soul away

Searching for the way to save this illusion that you have made you fear for your people and the fury to arise

Distant old village don't lose your faith in me don't turn your back again don't run from your own destiny and cry out for your pain

The ritual is mine I suffer for it I believe that I will die great deep blue lake you take me back to the huge glory of my war

All my senses are united And my blood I will spill

Great warrior brave is your heart that send me to death in this journey of hate the great deep blue lake is turning red

Praying for her life the maiden knows that she will die this day crying out with horror in stupor she will die

The sacrifice couldn't stop the drangon's rage the mystic great warrior was defeated by the dragon's rage and his soul rests in pain.

Autor: Six Magics