My own way (Remix)

I am hearing the radio 94-5 Not the normal music alright Its my own way My own way Rainup Raindown Rainup.

I am walking on the street seeing my band, On the Lincoln Mal (Okay?)

Non accept Non accept Rainup Raindown Rainup Raindown.

And they want to take my ideas I wont let the mind be tricked

My ideas will not be stealed They will fail with their mission (Trust Me)

-Words out there- No,No,No nobody can steel my ideas or in problems you can be


If you want to steal me I'm sick of you You take my ideas And you go to my house Saying ur a pizza parlor Giving us promotion And then you go to the house And Screw Up us

[Rap]I'm tires of you I will fly you ears You can not stop me because in danger you can be

And IiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiM Estoy cansado de todas estas cosas que me haces No me detendras porque esta es mi Manera!!!! ....

Its my own ways Never gonna get it My own way You failure on the mission

Y I dont let you

NO,no,no No intentes robar mis ideas porque en graves prolemas puedes estar.

Mi propia manera Nadie me la quitara Nadie la robara ¡O te volare las orejas!


Guitarra ------------------------------------------------------------------

Autor: Energy Band