A quick snap and that was it...
After we've shared a moment, after I held you tight in my arms, after I told you how beautiful you are.
And after I had one too many whiskies and got emotional.

You've just experienced the cruel honesty of the Now.
A look upon your careless virgin body from the upper balcony and I knew this silver flawless surface had to be mine.

I had a huge confirmation growing in my pants pressing me to go on with the said deed.
Drive by a lust close to animal instincts, (but since there's no disrespect, this is wrong and I'm sorry), so sorry.

I reacted before any kind of conscience would pollute the uniqueness of the event.
I can't help it, the sensation too high, the climax, is perfect...
After two weeks of legitimate abstinence, it had to be settled somehow?

Yeah I heard the rumors too, the ones stipulating that I've lost my reason on the account of lust,
I'm afraid I'll have to confirm that to the proper authorities very soon.

As for you love:
Look on the bright side child, you'll never grow old
So how come to me, you are still so very cold.