Stone Flower

What's that sound i hear coming from the ground
that' going 'round and 'round i can feel it pull me down
on my knees tears of joy have come to me
as the flower sounds made it plain to see

that this world is a perfect place to live
there is a warm soft wind blowing 'round me just to give
all the leaves such a haunting melody
that forever will be a part of me

just like a ship out on the sea
floating alone no one around me or beyond me
the sun is on me

then suddenly i felt a kiss out of the breeze
that did caress me and posess me
oh it astounds me

all around there's a feeling in the air
that with the grace of time we'll be getting closer there
but day by day i can see they walk away
and i wonder, lord will they ever know

that this world is a perfect place to live?
just look into your heart, find the love that's there to give
realize that the secret is to share

Autor: Santana