Vice Verse

ripped all apart and
burned it down to the ground
failure - traitor - phenomenal dimension
the dice thrown testimony
build my rest in agony

single fuckin tear to cry
to form the lake of death no hidefor my eyes falling
fuck my torment- don't know how I feel
fate in my eyes falling down
praise my life for falling
fuck your judgment - don't know how I feel
death in my eyes crawling backthis shit now has been rot
and the guilty one lives with a judge
filthy - traitor - the lies are undenial
nothing but your own knowledge
you wish never had gainyou'll throw the hate
i'll catch the fear and rise to loose it all
failure - total - fucked up consequncesI beg you father to take a part
I rip you down and beat you to the ground
I rip you down and slick your fucking throat