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Greetings From Imrie House

Greetings from Imrie House collects 11 timeless power-pop confections, odes to both the good, clean and naughtily winking sorts of fun. They capture the former in the sunny tones of the artfully sleek first single 'Just The Girl', and the s...

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Modern Minds and Pastimes

The Click Five's sophomore album, MODERN MINDS AND PASTIMES is already garnering attention at radio with their first single "Jenny". with the announcement of a new singer, 20 year-old Kyle Patrick, the Click Five is poised to make it's much...

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Click Five

This will be Boston Power Pop heroes The Click Five's first US release in over 4 years. The record will be released in the US on Q-Dee Records, also home of New-Soul phenomenon Eli ''Paperboy'' Reed. ''TCV'' will be released domestically i...

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