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Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid

SUNLIGHT MAKES ME PARANOID is Elefant's official full-length debut effort, filled with sparce guitars, lofty melodies, infectious rhythms and a vocal charm that completes Elefant's signature sound. "... an explosion of David Bowie-influence...

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The Black Magic Show

Initial run of The Black Magic Show to include exclusive material such as the 'Lolita' video, bonus music and a song by song commentary by the band. Previous record, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid has sold over 50,000 units to date. Hollywood. ...

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Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything

2012 album from the British Indie/Twee Pop band. Liz and her crew are capable of writing songs like 'Where Does Your Heart Belong', which would stand out on it's own strength on a compilation of the best songs by the Ronettes or the Supreme...

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