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Canción aleatoria

01- Me Against the Music (F/Madonna)

(B: Britney. M: Madonna. 2: Las dos).

2: All my people in the crowd, grab a part and take it down!.
B: It's me against the music.
M: Aha.
B: it's just me.
M: And me.
B: Yeah.
M: C'mon. Huh pa, ah. Hey Britney.
B: Are You ready?.
M: Aha, are you?.
B: Ah.

2: When no one cares. B: It's whippin my hair and pullin my waist.
2: To hell wit stares. B: The sweat is trippin all over my face.
2: When no one fell. B: I'm the only one dancin up in dis place.
2: Tonite I'm here. B: Fell the beat of the room, gotta keep up dat brass.

(RAP): 2: I'm up against the speaker, tryna take it wit the music, like a competition, me against the beat, (I wanna get in the zone x4).
If U really wanna battle, side it up and getcha rhythm, tryna hit it, (ya-could-dy!), in a minute (I'ma take at U, oh! x3), hey hey hey...

(Chorus): 2: Ol my ppl on the floor. B: Lemme see ya dance. M: Lemme see ya.
2: Ol my ppl wantin mor. B: Lemme see ya dance. M: I wanna see ya.
2: Ol my ppl roun N groun. B: Lemme see ya dance. M: Lemme see ya.
2: Ol my ppl in the crowd. B: Lemme see ya dance. M: I wanna see ya.

2: So how would ya like a friendly competition?, (lets take on the song x3). It's U'N me, baby, wher the music time's 2 party (olnite long x2). M: Hoh dear let's go!.

2: Wer almost der. B: I'ma feel lil bad til I can't explain. 2: My soul is bare. B: My hips R moved at a rapid bass. 2: Lemme feel it burn. B: Til it's tickin my toes undr thru my veins. 2: And now's ya turn, lemme see whatcha got, don't hesitate!... (RAP)(CHORUS).

(BREAK): 2: Get undr floor, baby loos control, just work ya body N let it go (here I go!).
If U wanna party just grab sombody. M: Hey Britney we can. 2: Dance olnite long!.

M: Hey Britney, U said ya wanna loos control, com ovr here, I got somthin 2 show ya. Sexy lady, I'll grab N see U bare ya soul, if ya think ya so hot betr show me whatcha got.

Break 2:M: Ol my ppl in the crowd, lemme see ya dance. Cmon Britney, loos control, watch ya take it down.

(BREAK)(CHORUS)(BREAK 2 EXTENDED):M: Ol my ppl in the crowd, lemme see ya dance, Cmon Britney, take it down, make ya moov ya pants.
Ol my ppl roun N groun, party olnite long, Cmon Britney, loos control, watch ya take it down!.