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  • Top Travel Cameras

    Finding the best camera for travel photography is different from choosing a professional camera for things like wedding photography and portrait photography, or even just everyday use at home.
  • Drone DJI Mavic Air

    A small drone with huge ambitions, the DJI Mavic Air packs 4K video recording, a three-axis gimbal, an upgraded obstacle avoidance system and onboard storage into a compact and foldable form factor that easily slips into a jacket pocket
  • Laptop Eluktro NB50TK1

    The Eluktro NB50TK1 is a refreshed edition of our very popular W650KK1 series with more advancements as a standard feature. This PC is a rare breed in a world of options integrating an actual desktop processor inside of a laptop.
  • CoolerMaster Elite 110

    Amazing case but still had it's flaws. But at it's price the flaws was negligible and understandable. Made from steel alloy and some polymer plastics


12-12-84 ten o'clock at night
Funny how you can remember certain moments in your life
I wish I could go back to take back the words I said
Though it's been years since that night they still echo in my head
Time is a teacher and time has taught me well
What brings a man to his knees is often brought on by himself
If a second chance were offered she could love me like before
I'd go back to the end and start over again on 12-12-84
[ piano ]
A cold wind was blowing it whistled through the pines
I told her I don't need her and she told me goodbye
I remember embers dying in the ashes and the coals
And like smoke up the chimney I watched a true love go
Time is a teacher...
I'd go back to the end and start over again on 12-12-84

Autor: David Ball