If death comes

Hopeful but not optimistic
my mind becomes more dangerous by the second
so iand'm hopeful but not optimistic
lay down what youand're working on
itand's time to sleep
i promise that tomorrow will come
cause time the clock keeps, it keeps.
iand'm traveling faster and if death comes at least
silence is comforting, finally released
from endless ringing
these are the horses that are calling me
the perfect ending iand'm finally released.
i donand't know why we keep singing these songs
iand've never heard anyone sing along, slowly dying.
attempting to trick chaos into something beautiful
itand's what i live for, itand's magic.
deep in this heart something is said.
someone translate, help me understand, weand're all dying.
iand'm screaming while i still can, hope my throat holds up
under this pressure, so my heart wonand't burst, iand'm trying.
try, all the time, all the time.

Autor: Waxwing