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Canción aleatoria

Insane Creation

Featuring redman

[redman] strictly shittin fuck them niggaz

You know who the fuck i am nigga?
Yo yo yo yo all the way motherfuckin live
From newark new jersey nigga like that y'all
Mally g represent like that y'all
Def squad represent like that y'all
And we got the funk funk doctor spock

[redman] funk doctor spock up in your spots
[jamal] reggie noble
[redman] funk doctor spock, with jamal get wreck

Verse one: jamal, redman

Aiyyo, let me light the sky with the funk, and i
Leave motherfuckers shook like dice, with the ice
Grill, uhh i gets down like that
All these mc's get dropped to the mat
Me, i fade em all it don't matter what they status is
Who they run wit i show em all who the baddest is
I'm just a nigga representin the block
Comin live and direct when i rock i let the tune knock
Uhh, through your motherfuckin speaker, now watch me freak a
Flow with no limits fuck the mimics and the gimmicks
A lot of niggaz wanna test my steez
I don't trip i maintain then complain on cd's

Aiyyo, check out that new flava in your ear that amaze ya
I make circuit breakers get hot as asia, or cool as glaciers
I counteract like macks and blow tracks out the wack
And turn mc's into little bitty artifacts
My ghetto tactics might backflip a medic
And if i let it, my 'matic, catch diabetics
Now who's fuckin with the, r-e-d, in 3-d
For g-p, i beat the piss out of you real easy
Yo fuck this that and a third that's my word
While your vision blurred you swerved and crashed while i wrecked your nerve
The baddest motherfucker since communication
I make the hardest mc, bumba like jamaicans

Verse two: jamal, redman

For all of y'all i drops the off the wall style
Absolute wild child demolish any juvenile
Philly representin peep the way that i be rippin
On the m-i-c spittin rhyme shit then i'm dippin
On a one-two breaker, funk fade the off
With the bump rump shaker, niggaz get tossed
Def squad represents like this for the nine-five era
Insane creations are terror

Dynamite disco denny devestating dynamic duo
You know, i be breakin five-oh, down to two-oh
Test my skills if you will if you real
Benadryl couldn't cease my mental ill disturbed skill
Feel this wrath of the psychopath shaft
I make crack addicts wanna take drags off my funky ass
Now i'm itchin, for a pitchin, who's the batter?
Then i put you in bodybags like two six in 'vada
Some say i'm sharper than the knives of baroqua
I mark the wall like m.j. but two shades darker
Funk doctor spock got your block on lock
I call myself the sooperman from all the cock i pop
Check the synopse, hah, i get wickeder and wickedest
Smoke so much that the dreads started givin benefits
(fuck the bullshit, get the cash, no hesitation)
And it's the two niggaz droppin insane creations
Like that y'all
It's like that y'all (like that y'all)
The bom-ba-zi got me high (like that y'all) --> 4x

To my peeps in queens (to my peeps in queens)
It goes like that y'all (and ya don't stop)
To all my peeps in the ill-ville town (in the ill-ville town)
It goes like that y'all (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!)
To all my niggaz in jersey (in jersey)
It's like that y'all (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!)
To all my niggaz in the bk (uh-huh, to the bk uptown)
Uptown, rock on (and ya don't stop, hoo-ahh!)
South bronx (south bronx)
Like that y'all (and ya don't stop)
East coast to the fullest (word up east coast)
Like that y'all (and ya don't stop)
(my man eazy mo bee!)
Like that y'all (and ya don't stop)
(my nigga erick sermon, hooahh!)
Like that y'all (and ya don't stop)
I got two gats in my hand y'all
(haha, my dick! and you don't stop, hehehehe)

Autor: Jamal