Just hangin out

Iand'm just hangin out...
Iand'm just hangin out...

Iand'm mainly known for the rough raps
But kids steal my lyrics like hubcaps
And eat em like stacks of flapjacks like rugrats
Hey and i get busy over unknown traps
While the next man flaps his lids like parkay
Iand'm skilled in the field so slide to the side
I make a rapper cry cause i can get some shuteye
While heand's havin hard times writin rhymes
So he gnaws on my metaphors and dines on my lines
Which is the reason why i like to hang out and
Hustle with my friends, to get away from pens
And copiers, so iand'm corona bound
To check drew, a.k.a. dr. butcher and whatand's goin down
And joe with the jetta, enables us to get around town
Heand's a clown
Other than that iand'm with joe, and burgles
Watchin old black caesar flicks for kicks
Jump in the wagoner weand're outta here without an idea where
But usually we wind up there
I go over k-cutand's block cause raw cuts is what he blends

Check it, and i like to hang out, and hustle with my friends...

Yo, iand'm just hangin out...
With my friends

Iand'm just hangin out...

And i be up in mt. vernon, piecein, with cl smooth and pete rock
Makin beats thatand's sharper than cleats
With my griffy grif from the cafe black pros
Checkin out videos
And i speak with my man rob leak
On the problems of the weak dumb and meek my manand's deep
Like the kid from the bridge named the rapper nas
Me and che collect money in bars
And i run through discotheques like sound
Royal rich is profound, yellin free james brown
We rush through, up to the discotheque and
Hustle up a storm in a swarm like we bought a farm
Nobody can get with the whereabout
Cause weand're out to shuffle they feet
Without a shadow of a doubt
From flushing to the streets of new york in fact
Freshly dipped off the wack, but not to pan grack
In the apartment got plans for the night
Everythingand's right, takin it light
Preparin for the best tiffanyand's to be in
And everyday seems like a day from the weekend
The pool that never ends
(yo the science is the powerhouse tonight baby
Word iand'm with that
Always the powerhouse
Nah but ainand't nuthin at your house!
I like my house!)
And i like to hang out and hustle with my friends

*conversation continues*

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