Pirate Anthem

I'm a pirate, I walk the digital seas I'm the Robin Hood of this century I am the balance, I'll break your monopoly Everything I seize, I will set free

I'll make undone the damage you have done

I like people, I like democracy And so I share everything that's come to me

And give it to the hungry Give it to the poor Give it to the needy Use it as a cure

All that you calimed belongs to us You cannot own what you cannot touch

All that you say is yours Was never really yours All that you claimed belongs to us

Bow to the masses, bow to the balance we seek You should not bite the hand that feeds A change has come, the facts are these You can't confine no drop the this 1-0 sea

Ths flow of ideas is hard not to adore It will carry us further than anything before

All that you claimed belongs to all Ignorance will make you fall Don't deny the obvious I know it must be hard Inevitably your time has passed

Autor: Shearer