So much difference now, the feeling's letting down.
I have a notion of where i am although i'm scared some how.
Not just a dropping in, more a dropping out.
It fell so loud that i found out i always did without.
I dreamt nothing was wrong, everything just smiled.
In this worthwhile dream of mine a beauty place combined.
I saw eagles fly, a grey sky open up,
A star explode and others float between the mountaintops.
She said: 'that's another kind of magic, i swear, things go smoothly'.

Now it's up to me.
Somewhere hid away there's a cure but i ain't sure whether it's mine to pay.
Because all the time i tried to give my dreams a life.
Every time that i woke up i simply closed my eyes.

She said: 'that's another kind of magic,
I swear, things go smoothly'.
She said: 'man i promise you it gets better we're there...'

Futile dreams and reasons floating in the air.
I stay silent. and i gave up to try and walk on water. for you,
For you, so smooth...

I feel weary now, shaky in the gut.
And what if i woke up and saw that dreams is all i got.
I guess i'd laugh at life, sneaky in the hand.
Because it's a bitch to find out things ain't going as you planned.

But she said: 'that's another kind of magic,
I swear, things go smoothly.
She said: 'man i promise its gets better, we're there.

She said: 'are you willing to look the other way.
She said: 'are you willing to take chances'.
I said: 'it's best if you just walk away'.
She said: 'life is short and meaningless, unless you make the best of it'.

Autor: Racoon