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  • Top Travel Cameras

    Finding the best camera for travel photography is different from choosing a professional camera for things like wedding photography and portrait photography, or even just everyday use at home.
  • Drone DJI Mavic Air

    A small drone with huge ambitions, the DJI Mavic Air packs 4K video recording, a three-axis gimbal, an upgraded obstacle avoidance system and onboard storage into a compact and foldable form factor that easily slips into a jacket pocket
  • Laptop Eluktro NB50TK1

    The Eluktro NB50TK1 is a refreshed edition of our very popular W650KK1 series with more advancements as a standard feature. This PC is a rare breed in a world of options integrating an actual desktop processor inside of a laptop.
  • CoolerMaster Elite 110

    Amazing case but still had it's flaws. But at it's price the flaws was negligible and understandable. Made from steel alloy and some polymer plastics

Canción aleatoria

The Few That Remain (Feat. Hayley Williams)

Come on and break down and show us who you are. Memory of your first impressions only get you far, When you stay true, from beginning to end. Flexing all your morals your environment will make back, And to play cruel again.

Come on and break down I used to hang on every verse when my days would get hard, Slash forward to present day and time, I thought I hoped and method after reading scripted lines back,

Why'd you take that path? There's no way back, we are the spark, That once would ignite burning light, burn in deep in your heart, The start of making yourself to be bigger than you really are.

Conscience is calling, C-Come and shut it up. Yeah I know life gets rough sometimes, Big dollars take the pressure off of hard times. Regretting needs of sitting under will not let you in, If you don't get a grip. your ? to controlling,

[Hayley Williams:] "Wooah wooah, guys um is it cool if I get in on this here?"

(Hell yeahhh) (Dude go for it!)

[Hayley Williams:] Well right listen, (Ohhhh) I see you ready set go, With unqualified pre-orders of your disgrat explode. While just to a life line, those who try to intimidate are no way eyes. Fabrications of a bus are riffing within a lie.

If you come back you'll have to (get, get, get, get, get) Through all of us, We are the spark, That once would ignite, burning light, Burn in deep in your heart, the start. Of making yourself as to be bigger than you really are. You would still have to be, A belief with the need that i carry to this day. Pass the torture want no more. What a shame, who's to blame when the mighty falls on this, Cause that i love, With the kids fed up, This time we want for you to man on up, Right, and I care for all your crime, Cause that I love, with the kids fed up, This time we want, for you to man on up, Right now I want you to sing it, I wanna know why you won't play this just say you hate it, just why? But you don't know why, Such an illusive guyal full, meaningless sham.

Come on and break down, Come on and break down, Come on and break down, Come on and break down, Break down, break down, Who's to blame, Take the shame, when the lying fall from heads.

Autor: Paramore