(feat. Lil' Flip)

(*talking*) Here lizard-lizard-liazrd, uh It's the almighty King Koopa, Chamillionaire The color changing lizard, the Mixtape Messiah Please stand for the ghetto national anthem, let's go

[Hook - 2x] Forget what them boys is talking bout, I'm true-I'm true You riding swangs you gripping grain, I do-I do You candy red you candy blue, you popping trunk you jamming Screw Don't know about you, but I'm true-I'm true

[Paul Wall] Forget what these boys is talking bout, we wipe boys down In South Park on MLK, on Sunday we clown From the streets of Antoine, to the Homestead hoods From Mo City to Studewood, it's all good I'm riding on platinum grey, with Z-Ro and Trae Gon let the top down, it's a beautiful day Haters jealous on the sidelines, running they mouth Cause I roll with T.I.P., the king of the South Boys know I'm Paid In Full, so they clocking my dollas Me, Poppy, Joe and Fox all riding Impalas I'm breaking bread with Mike Jones, and Slim Thug the Boss It's Paul Wall, still representing Swishahouse I'm with my boy Big Kaila, I don't bar no hater I'm on the grind for paper, I'll holla at ya later Forget what they talking bout, I'm in love with my wealth I ain't gotta say I'm true, cause true speak for itself baby

[Hook - 2x]

[Chamillionaire] They say I'm the greatest of all time, and I say who and they say you If she's a dime tell her I'm fine, and she'll say true-true Turn up the bang if you into, something color changing the rims do Sound like a train cause when I stop, they be like choo-choo-choo And I'm thugging too homie, the heater kinda like Al Bundy's hand Believe me everytime you see me, it's gon be in her pants If I do a crime and you snitch, homie the heater will snitch too Cause if the police come around, it'll be pointing at you Somebody give mouth to mouth to this mic, after it melt Cause the only rapper out rapping me is me, after myself I hope you internet thugs, that will swear that I ain't the tightest Have cyber sex with Cita, until you catch a virus Why is he saying this, to piss boys off I officially claim myself, the rap King of the South The say I'm the greatest of all time, and I say who and they say you And I say naw, give that title to the late great DJ Screw, rest in peace

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Flip] The definition of a pimp is (me), cause I ain't doing shit for (free) I got my own label now, if you ain't heard it's (Clover G's) Now me and Will chasing the scrill, we pulling up on chrome wheels Nigga, your royalty check looking like my phone bill Quick to capping picture snapping, paparazzi follow me Yeah I'm platinum I'll slap him, if he smoke up all my weed I love to speed on dubs and Spre's, bitches leave the club with me Snitches mean mugging me, don't make me bust my fucking heat We popping trunks and smoking blunts, that sticky-ickie (ooh-wee) Last year I did a mill, now I'm bout to do (three) I bring the heat on every track, it's five G's for every bar Just because I'm in a Porsche box, don't mean I like the spa That don't mean I like the car, you know I'm down to break your jaw Just because I burn rubber, that don't mean I like the tar We ghetto stars in every state, like Pimp and Bun we keep it trill And if you ain't heard, it's Lil' Flipper and Chamill'


Autor: Chamillonaire